Because of the large space the anvelope iarna tires in landfills, which reduce the useful life of them, it’s difficult handling, fire and the spread of mosquitoes due to the accumulation of these, municipalities are reluctant to receive in their landfills discarded anvelope iarna tires. This situation causes the tire disposal in landfills clandestine. Improper disposal of tires affects the health and environment of all, without which so far has made any integrated affirmative step aimed at remedying the problem.

Processing or recycling is an appropriate way to handle and dispose of the anvelope iarna tires, since they can be reused, among others, as derivative or supplemental fuel, asphalt aggregate, bulking agent for composting sewage sludge, construction artificial reefs, erosion control can be crushed to better manage them in landfills in the absence of end-use market. The development of these methods of handling and disposal, as well as end-use markets is essential to solve the problem of improper disposal of discarded tires.

It is the public policy to reduce the volume of solid waste that is disposed of in facilities authorized solid waste disposal, recycle or process those that can be reused as raw material, as other products or give the end use and ensure the safety of its citizens regarding the use of tires on roadways. As part of this policy, we will implement a program to control tire disposal facilities authorized solid waste disposal and promote the establishment of processing or recycling of tires, returning its value to the country's economy raw material for the manufacture of other products or use as rubber derived fuel in industrial
Every person who imports tires get authorizations, permits, licenses, patents and any other requirements required by the relevant authorities and pay the handling and disposal charge per anvelope iarna tire set.

There shall be a charge on imported tires are new or used, which also include those anvelope iarna tires imported as part of a motor vehicle new or used.
The tire buffer, either a tire retailer or another, will not store more than 300 tires discarded in its business, except as a handler, or ease of processing or recycling of tires approved. All waste tire buffer shall comply with the following provisions:
The tire buffer part of a manifesto on the number of tires generated and transferred to the handler and send copies of manifests monthly.
The buffer of discarded tires, its employees, or other discarded tires that transfer to the handler, shall complete a manifest tire amount transferred and signed copy kept for a period of not less than two years from origination date.

A person who receives, collects, manages or transport waste tires to take them to processing centers, recycling and export according to the specifications of the facilities. Tires will be carried by the handles to processing facilities or nearest recycling or industrial furnaces in harmony with solid waste plans established.

Tire handler completed a manifest by the number of tires contained logger tire easily transferred to recycling or processing.
Payments not made for those tires hauled to the processing or recycling facilities that are not evidenced and supported by a manifest properly completed.


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